Dead Body freezer Box in Jaipur

Dead Body freezer Box in Jaipur

When we lose someone who was very close to our heart, it becomes almost impossible to handle this situation. It becomes even difficult to take decisions when the dead one is not at their native place. Transferring them to their native place often becomes a challenge for those who are left behind to grieve. Heaven Gate understands this situation very well especially when the deceased is left far away from his/her loved ones in Jaipur. Heaven Gate provides one of the the best dead body transportation service in Jaipur, because we believe in serving the deceased to the best of our capabilities. If you want to transfer dead body from another city to Jaipur or from any hospital to your home you might be needing a Dead Body freezer Box in Jaipur. Since we provide one of the best facilities for dead body transportation by air in Jaipur and other cities, our team is always ready to help you at this difficult time.

Procedure to Transfer a Dead Body

Often it so happens the loved one was far away from their native place at the time of death. During such situation, when the dead body needs to be kept in a freezer box and airlifted to the other city, people often search for dead body transportation services. Finding the best dead body transportation services in Jaipur can be a difficult task if one is not aware of the funeral service providers. Most Funeral Service agencies will contact you and charge high amount along with several formalities making the procedure very hectic which may not be acceptable by all during such grieving times. However, we, at Heaven's Gate, ask for minimum documentation like an NOC, a Temporary Death Certificate, an embalming certificate keeping the need to the minimum required documents needed for transporting the dead body.

Hire Dead Body freezer Box in Jaipur at Affordable Charges

We all are aware that a dead person's regular activities stop as soon as the heart stops working. Lack of oxygen results in decomposition of the body. A decaying body can not be best suitable for the funeral ceremonies as the loved ones might not be able to tolerate to bear witness of such a sight. To protect the dead body from decaying the body needs to be kept in a Dead Body Freezer Box . Therefore, if someone is looking for Dead Body Freezer Box in Jaipur at Affordable Charges they can reach Heaven Gate. Heaven Gate not only provides a Dead Body Transportation service but also Dead Body Freezer Box in Jaipur and other metro cities.

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Our Services

We gather to make our commitment to become free from suffering, help people with their spiritual growth and provide a safe and friendly space for nurturing holistic well-being.


We also do floral decoration along with our funeral events so that you do not have any kind of dictation.


Hearse Van is used to transfer dead body from one place to another, This van is fully decorated for your loved ones last rite.


Obituary simply means the news or article in an newspaper about onces personal information soon after the death of he/she.


Dead body freezer box is used to kept the body to store for longer period of time. So that it can be transported easily to longer distance.


We plan and execute the funeral of your loved ones and for this we did some arrangements related to funeral events.


We also provides the box or case in which the body of a dead person is placed for burial.


We transport the body all over India.


Prayer at funeral for your loved ones.


Pandit Ji for Pooja in Funeral event.

Key Features

Proper Documentation

for the successfull arrangement of the funeral.

Funeral Kit

We gave a complete funeral kit for the hassle free event.

Memorable Clicks

We capture some memories of your loved ones.


We have sanatised funeral equipments, so don't worry about safety.


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