Pet Funeral Service In India

Pet Funeral Service

We understand the pain of losing a pet, which cannot express their love through words but actions. Everybody grieves differently when they experience the loss of a pet. Seniors and families with small children tend to have bigger challenges than working professionals in this matter. We are just a call away - please call or send an inquiry on our website to schedule an appointment. We will be there with you and your pet to send them in peace.

How We Do

Pet Cremation Booking Process

Everyone who handles your Pet's aftercare at the pet funeral services is an animal lover, who understands and empathizes with the pain of losing a beloved pet. You can rest easy knowing that your pet will be treated with the respect and loving care that befits a best friend—every step of the way, we at pet funeral services are here to help


Here are some of the frequently asked questions

What is Pet Cremation?
Pet cremation is the process of incinerating the remains of a deceased pet, typically in a specialized facility known as a pet crematory or pet crematorium. This process reduces the pet's body to ashes and bone fragments, which are then returned to the pet owner in an urn or another container. Pet cremation allows pet owners to choose a respectful and environmentally responsible way to handle the remains of their beloved animals.
How does Heaven Gate perform pet cremation?
Step 1- Pick your pet from clinic or a parent's House
Step 2- We help to transport your beloved pet to cremation ground or burial site in our ambulance.
Step 3-Conduct the final Rituals.

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