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Moksh, means freedom from the cycle of life and death - one of the most important necessities of a personís last rituals. Moksh is such a situation of human spirit where it is said to be away from all the sorrow and happiness and becomes one with the creator. In Hinduism, death and birth of a human being is a continuous cycle. If the final riites of the dead one arenít done properly, the sprit of the deceased is said to be trapped in this cycle and never able to find God. To fulfil these rites one needs the Moksh Vahini, or the special vehicle for taking the deceased. We, at Heavens Gate, provide the best moksh vahan services in Jaipur. Being one of the best moksh dham cremation service providers, we have been providing our moksh vahan services in Jaipur and nearby places. Our fully decorated moksh vahan is equipped with all the essentials needed for this last tour of the dead body.

When we lose someone who is close to our heart we feel like we have lost everything because death comes without notice. As we know Moksh Dham Cremation is honorable and must be done with all the due respect and sainthood. Taking the dead body in a well decorated Moksh Vahan with the best floral decoration becomes necessary. For those searching for the best Moksh Vahan Service in Jaipur City Heaven Gate is not less than a boonthanks to our experienced staff who transport the deceased from their home to the Moksh Dham.

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Good n fast service provide by heaven gate and they deliver deadbody freezer box with in 30 min at my location.

Rahul Dhangar

Always gives brilliant services to those who needs funeral related any kind of need at the toughest time of loved ones death.

Ranjhna Gehlot

Team heaven gate funeral care was very kind they took care of all arrangements including dead body freezer box , Antim Sankar kit, moksh Vahini , Pandit ji and third day baitak.My wish’s are with you. Highly Recommend!!

Anuj Tiwari


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