Dead Body Transportation In India

Dead body transportation by AIR

Losing a loved one is an incredibly challenging experience. It brings about not only emotional pain but often financial and mental strain as well. When faced with the death of a family member, the burden of managing the intricate process of dead body transportation in india only adds to the distress. Families find themselves grappling with the daunting tasks of arranging documentation, navigating legal procedures, coordinating ambulance services, selecting a coffin, and even arranging for embalming, all while already overwhelmed with grief.

In times like these, what families need most is support and assistance to ease their burden. This is where our comprehensive dead body transportation services come into play. At Heaven Gate Funeral Care, we understand the immense challenges families face during such a difficult time. That's why we offer complete assistance with transporting deceased loved ones by air or road, not only within the country but across the globe.

When a family finds themselves needing to transport the body of their loved one from one city to another, they can rely on us to handle every aspect of the process with care and professionalism. With just one call, we take on the responsibility of managing each and every detail related to body transportation. From arranging necessary documentation and legal permits to coordinating ambulance service and facilitating the selection of a suitable coffin box, we ensure a seamless and dignified process for the deceased and their grieving family.

Our commitment to providing compassionate support extends beyond merely logistical assistance. We understand that families in mourning require empathy and understanding. That's why our team is not only skilled in the technical aspects of body transportation but also trained to provide emotional support and guidance to grieving families throughout the entire process.

By entrusting us with the task of transporting their loved one's body, families can focus on grieving and healing without the added stress of logistical challenges. At Heaven Gate, we strive to alleviate the burden on families during their time of need, offering reliable and compassionate dead body transportation services that ensure the safe and timely transfer of their loved one to their final resting place.

"Experience a Stress-Free Body Transportation with Our Air Transportation Assistance!"


1. Death Certificate from the hospital, signed and stamped.
2. Post Mortem Report OR Non Covid Report.
3. Relieving Summary of the Hospital.
4. Police NOC
5. Photo ID Proof (Aadhar / PAN)
6. 5 sets of copies of all above

"Ease the Burden: Seamless Body Transportation"

EMBALMING SERVICE AND PREPARING THE BODY FOR TRANSPORT The process of embalming services starts with preparing the body, and since it is a surgical process, the body is first disinfected. After this, the limbs are massaged to relieve stiffness, and then the two main steps of embalming are performed - setting the facial features and the process of arterial or cavity embalming. Consequently, these steps ensure that the body can remain preserved for a longer period of time.


Our team offers highly technical and detailed embalming services with a lot of planning and resources, ensuring the best possible outcome. Therefore, it is important to go with only experienced services, to ensure that the job is done efficiently and reliably. Preparing the body for Embalming Arterial/Cavity Embalming. Cosmetic Preparation (Makeup, hair, and clothes). Certified and Professional Embalmers After the embalming is completed, Heaven gate will provide Certificate of Embalming Pack the dead body in a coffin box (provided by Heaven gate funeral care)


Heaven Gate Funeral Care will book the Air Cargo Service, as per documents provided, and in case an attendant is accompanying the dead body, tickets for the attendant will also be booked. Furthermore, all necessary arrangements will be taken care of. As per schedule, the body will be transported from home/hospital via Heaven gate Ambulance to the Airport, where the coffin box will be handed over to the airline and taken ahead for the cargo. Furthermore,the process will be carried out smoothly and efficiently. All documents will be provided to the Attendent, thus enabling them to receive the coffin box at the destination

Dead body transportation by Road

In times of grief and loss, the burden of managing the transportation of a loved one's body can feel overwhelming. AtHeaven Gate Funeral Care, we understand the challenges families face during such difficult times. We offer comprehensive dead body transportation services by road in India, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free process for families across the nation.
Our primary goal is to alleviate the stress and financial burden on grieving families by handling every aspect of the transportation process with utmost care and compassion. From documentation and legal procedures to ambulance arrangement, coffin provision, and embalming services, we take care of all the necessary arrangements so that families can focus on grieving and healing. With years of experience in the field, we have established a reputation for providing efficient and . Our dedicated team is available round-the-clock to assist families in need, offering personalized support and guidance every step of the way. Whether you need to transport your loved one's body within the same city or to a different state in India, you can rely on us to manage the entire process seamlessly. We understand the importance of timely and dignified transportation, and we strive to ensure that your loved one reaches their final resting place with respect and care. By choosing Heaven GAte Fneral Care for dead body transportation by road in India, you can rest assured that you are entrusting your loved one's final journey to a compassionate and experienced team. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can assist you during this difficult time.

Ambulance Service

Heaven Gate Funeral Care offers ambulance services that are immensely beneficial in the relocation . Whether it is from the patient's home to a hospital, or from one hospital to another, our team of skilled and they will handle the situation with sympathy and sensitivity, as well as providing critical aid where necessary. Thus, their services are highly advantageous for those in need of critical patient transportation.

Mortuary Van

For travelling long distances via road, we recommend and provide mortuary vans. These are vehicles with a built-in freezer box that help to embalm the bodies of your loved ones for the long journey. Additionally, to honour the lives of the deceased ones, we also provide decoration services for the vehicles. We respect customs and ensure you that we will save you from all the unnecessary hassle


Here are some of the frequently asked questions

What is dead Body transportation?
Dead-Body Transportation involves transferring deceased individuals from one location to another, with choices of road, water, or air transport. Respectful and dignified handling of final journeys.
Anyone can arrange Air transportation for a dead body personally?
For domestic or international dead-body transportation, certified Funeral home directors like Heaven Gate Funeral Care and specialized transport companies are the approved providers. Ensuring dignified and reliable services during difficult times.
How Deceased Body will be transported through Airlines?
Certified Funeral Directors handle all paperwork, book airline tickets, and ensure proper containerization for shipping. At the destination, another certified director takes over, completing formalities and ensuring a respectful handover.
What are the Documents required for Domestic Sector Dead Body Transport?
Original Id Proof-Like Aadhar card, Voter Id, Driving License.
Embalming Certificate
Coffin Certificate
Complete Details of the consignee who will be receiving the body at the destination.
Domestic Sector Documentation.

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