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    In the midst of bidding a final farewell to a loved one who has passed away, those last moments with their physical presence are undeniably priceless. Heaven Gate Funeral Care recognizes the significance of these moments, and our dead body freezer box in udaipur is designed to facilitate this crucial process. This specialized freezer box serves a vital purpose, ensuring that the departed can be preserved in a dignified manner for a few hours, allowing family members, relatives, and friends to pay their respects and say their goodbyes before the last rites are performed. The need for such a freezer box can arise for various reasons, whether it's for medical procedures like autopsies or identification purposes, or when the deceased has passed away at home, and the funeral must be postponed until additional family members can gather or a slot at the cremation facility becomes available. Situated in Udaipur, our portable freezer box is constructed with the utmost care, crafted from stainless steel and fortified with double-layered security features to ensure the utmost respect and security for the departed. With dimensions of 7*3 feet and a weight ranging from 80 to 100 kilograms, it provides a spacious and secure environment for the deceased. The temperatures within this freezer box are carefully maintained between 0-8 degrees Celsius, effectively slowing down the natural decomposition process. Moreover, you have the flexibility to adjust the temperature according to your specific requirements. At Heaven Gate Funeral Care, we understand the profound emotional and practical significance of these final moments with a loved one, and our dead body freezer box is designed to provide the utmost support and dignity during this challenging time.
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Freezer Box Services For The Dead Body

1. Dead body freezer box on hire
2. Designed to preserve the deceased's body
3. Inbuilt cabinet with low temperatures, reducing the decaying rate
4. Temperature between 0-8 Celsius degree

Procedure to Transfer a Dead Body

Often it so happens the loved one was far away from their native place at the time of death. During such situation, when the dead body needs to be kept in a freezer box and airlifted to the other city, people often search for dead body transportation services. Finding the best dead body transportation services in Udaipur can be a difficult task if one is not aware of the funeral service providers. We at Heaven Gate, ask for minimum documentation like an NOC, a Temporary Death Certificate,an embalming certificate keeping the need to the minimum required documents needed for transporting the dead body.

Hire Dead Body freezer Box in Udaipur at Affordable Prices

We all are aware that a dead person's regular activities stop as soon as the heart stops working. Lack of oxygen results in decomposition of the body. A decaying body can not be best suitable for the funeral ceremonies as the loved ones might not be able to tolerate to bear witness of such a sight. To protect the dead body from decaying the body needs to be kept in a Dead Body Freezer Box . Therefore, if someone is looking for Dead Body Freezer Box in udaipur at Affordable Charges they can reach Heaven Gate. Heaven Gate not only provides a Dead Body Transportation service but also complete Funeral service in Udaipur and other metro cities.

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