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Major top reason for joint pain


05 Sep 2021 | 19:40

Here are those Reasons!

How long do you put up with a creaky knee, achy hip, wobbly ankle or grinding shoulder? If you're wondering if it's time to do something about your problem joint, these are the top five reasons patients make appointments with an orthopedic surgeon to discuss a joint replacement:

1. Pain Across the board, pain, particularly from severe arthritis, is why patients say, "enough," and seek care. Pain underlies all other reasons, as well. 2. Certain fractures or injuries It's common to treat hip fractures by replacing the joint. An injury may be the original cause for increased wear and tear on a joint to the point it needs to be replaced. 3. Joint destruction from various forms of arthritis Rheumatoid and psoriatic arthritis, along with other inflammatory conditions, can lead to joint replacement. Medications can buy the patient time, but eventually the joint will become too damaged. 4. Degeneration due to wear and tear Over time, a joint may wear out due to the demands of an occupation or stress, or strain from a regular activity or sport, or just age. 5. Difficulty with a needed or enjoyable activity This may be movement needed for work; a daily activity, such as putting on socks or sweeping the floor; or something that gives you significant enjoyment, such as golfing, playing pickleball, hiking or swimming. The key here is needing the activity to live your life or liking it so much you don't want to give it up.

A joint will never get so damaged that it can't be replaced, and joints are being replaced in patients of all ages. If you've reached the point where you don't want to put up with the pain anymore, and you want to get back to a needed or favorite activity, consider making an appointment to consult.


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