Dead body transportation by Air

Transporting a dead body by air in India involves a specific set of procedures and regulations that need to be followed to ensure a respectful and lawful transfer. Here are the steps to transport a deceased person by air in India:

  1. Obtain a Death Certificate:
    • Before any arrangements can be made for transporting a dead body, you must obtain a death certificate from the local municipal authority or the concerned hospital where the person passed away. This certificate is essential for all legal and administrative purposes.
  2. Embalming :
    • If the body is being transported over a long distance or if there will be a significant delay before the burial or cremation, embalming may be necessary to preserve the body. Ensure that the embalming is done by a licensed embalmer.
  3. Arrange for a Suitable Container:
    • The deceased person must be placed in an airtight container or casket that meets the airline’s requirements. Airlines often have specific guidelines for the transportation of human remains, so check with the airline for their container requirements.
  4. Obtain a No Objection Certificate (NOC):
    • You will typically need a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the local police and health authorities. The NOC confirms that there are no legal or health issues related to the transportation of the body. You may also need an NOC from the airport authorities.
  5. Book the Flight:
    • Once you have all the necessary documents and permissions, book the flight. Make sure to provide the airline with all the required information, including the details of the deceased person, the death certificate, and the NOCs.
  6. Arrange for Transportation to and from the Airport:
    • You will need to arrange for transportation to the departure airport and from the arrival airport to the final destination (funeral home, crematorium, or burial site). Some airlines may offer transportation services for human remains.
Human remain transportation

Seeking Solutions for Human Remains Transportation in India?

Your Compassionate Guide for Loved Ones’ Body Transportation in India 🇮🇳. We offer a comprehensive process to support you during this challenging time.

Documentation is crucial for the body transportation process:

  1. Police NOC – Obtaining police clearance is essential, as it grants government approval for the transportation of your loved one.
  2. Cause of Death Certificate – This hospital-issued certificate outlines the time and cause of death, a mandatory requirement for the process.

After document verification, we provide Ambulance/Hearse Van services to transport your loved one’s body from home or the hospital for embalming. Our comprehensive embalming kit assists doctors in preserving the remains with care.

  • Embalming is a preservation process employed on deceased bodies to temporarily delay decomposition. It entails the infusion of specialized chemicals into the vascular system, typically through an artery, in order to disinfect, sanitize, and maintain the deceased’s physical appearance. This practice is often used to facilitate viewings, visitations, and funerals, especially when there’s a need for an extended period between death and burial or cremation. Additionally, embalming can aid in restoring a more lifelike appearance to the deceased and reduce the risk of transmitting diseases. It’s worth noting that the use of embalming varies based on cultural, religious, and regional preferences.
  • Our experienced team ensures a dignified packing process post-embalming for seamless human remains transportation. Precision matters: from measuring height and weight to crafting a custom-fit coffin. Your loved one’s final journey is handled with utmost care and respect.

After carefully packing the deceased, our team coordinates with the airline for a respectful journey. We arrange the ticket for your loved one and oversee the transportation to the airport. With our guidance, the documentation and procedures are handled seamlessly.

After completing every meticulous step in the process, your loved one’s journey comes full circle. As the departed soul embarks on their final flight from the airport, our unwavering commitment continues. At the destination, our dedicated team members stand ready to receive and transport your loved one’s remains to their ultimate resting place, whether it’s your home, a cremation ground, or another chosen location. Heaven Gate Funeral Care offers comprehensive support for deceased body transportation in India, along with ambulance and hearse van services In India, ensuring that every aspect of this challenging journey is handled with compassion, respect, and professionalism. We are here to provide solace and assistance during this difficult time. 🙏