Losing a pet which is loved as one’s own life is one of the most painful things that can ever happen to any give person. For every person, pets do not only mean animals, but friends, children and, in some cases, lovers. That is why it is important that they are mourned properly and with affection. At Heaven Gate we fully understand this bond and for this reason we provide you with the best pet funeral services for your beloved animal. 

Selecting The Right Pet Funeral Service  

Selecting the most appropriate pet funeral service may sometimes prove to be a challenging task in that it should be a service provider that meets the client’s highest specifications. Here are a few tips to help you make an informed decision: Here are a few tips to help you make an informed decision: 

Research Your Options 

The first step is thus to look for information concerning different service providers. If they deliver services, check on the services and learn from the customers reviews and testifiers whether they are capable to meet your expected dreams. One should hire a service provider with good reputation and who has been able to offer great support to the patients. In this case, check if there are any certifications or awards they ever gained known for to assess their dedication to quality and patients’ care. 

Consider Your Pet’s Wishes 

This is in relation to thinking about what would be suitable for you as the pet owner and for your animal. While thinking about what they might have wanted, also bear in mind who they were and what they liked. Did they mingle with people and did they like people’s company? A close family and friends funeral could be appropriate. Otherwise, if they appreciated the natural surrounding environment, then it might be appropriate to bury them in a more naturally serene yard. Understanding that what would have provided them with comfort, can now help you decide. 

### Budget 

Introduce a work plan with reference to the financial aspect of the funeral service. In as much as should set your budget such that you can afford the service provider, the quality provided should not be compromised. The prices should also be compared from the various providers, although the value what the different providers can offer should also be taken into consideration. A little higher cost is, however, reasonable provided it comes with things like grief support or individual customs. 


Look for a provider who would offer to make the funeral more suited to your pet’s life and even their character. They may like to select or design their own casket or urn, have a certain passage or verse read, or favourite toy or blanket included in the service. These little things make the service more personal often helping you feel that you have give your pet the send off they deserve in the honour of their memory. 

Location and Accessibility 

Think about the geographical position of the funeral service provider. Make sure it is easy for you to attend and any other family member who may wish to attend the burial. The environment should be appropriate and noble as befits the dignity of a burial ceremony, amid drawing comfortable attention to the function. 

Support Services 

Choose the providers that have other related social services, for example, counselling services for the grieving families or bereavement services. Making a loss of a pet can be very painful and having a professional to guide you on how to handle the situation is very essential. Some of the providers also follow up on how the client is managing in terms of coping after the burial has been conducted. 

Environmental Considerations

Should the environmental issues are significant for you, ask about the possibility of using green products. Most funeral directors today are able to supply either green burial arrangements or biodegradable urns, which may bring consolation to some bereaved persons. 

Pre-planning Services 

A few providers deal with pre-planning services where you can plan on when to actually organize the pet funeral. This can help partially during this already stressful time and allow you to focus on the other aspects of your beloved pet’s end of life care knowing that their last arrangements where made and will be performed properly. 

Heaven Gate’s primary responsibility is to give you and your dear pet a proper funeral service of quality and genuine compassion. Our pets are one of the most valued members of our families and every animal is special and dear to us and to your family.

Choosing a funeral service to take care of a pet is quite personable, and therefore one has to ensure that he or she gets the right service provider. Taking a number of factors into account like reputation, personal services aiming at the pet’s individuality, budget, and support services, one is assured his or her pet gets a deserving respect and a proper send off. Heaven Gate here to help you in that process to support you and your beloved pet in the best way to have a memorial service. 

You should contact our company today to learn how we could help in organizing a proper funeral for your pet. Here at (name), we’re here with you through every decision, every tear, to make that goodbye as fitting as the life your pet had with you.