In moments of loss, families can feel overwhelmed by the numerous tasks and decisions involved in bidding farewell to a loved one. Heaven Gate Funeral Care is here to lighten the burden, providing comprehensive end-to-end funeral services in Delhi. Let us guide and support you through this challenging period.

Hire Dead Body Freezer Box In Delhi

When an individual passes away, their body ceases to function, and the absence of oxygen and vital nutrients initiates a gradual decomposition process. For a dignified funeral, a well-preserved body is crucial. In cases of long-distance transportation, opting for a dead body freezer box is an excellent solution. This Mobile Mortuary rental service in Delhi effectively delays the natural decay, facilitating more manageable and respectful funeral preparations.

Dead Body Freezer Box On Hire In Delhi. Mobile Mortuary Service Near Me

Hearse Van / Moksh Vahini Service In Delhi

A Hearse Van, commonly known as “Moksh Vahini” plays a pivotal role in transporting a deceased individual from their residence to the funeral home. This procedure holds immense significance, and Heaven Gate ensures it is executed with utmost care and respect by providing clean and well-maintained Hearse Vans in Delhi . Read More

Moksh Vahini – Heaven Gate Funeral Care provides diverse options for ‘Moksh Vahini‘ If you opt for a more straightforward choice for your loved one’s farewell, we offer the Maruti ECO, accommodating 2-3 people, and the Bolero/Tavera, with a comfortable capacity of 3-4 people. Additionally, we have the Traveller with a capacity of 6-7 people. Our Moksh Vahini vehicles undergo meticulous maintenance, including thorough cleaning and sanitization after each booking. This ensures that families have access to a clean and sanitized vehicle for their loved one’s final rites.

Decorative Hearse VanHeaven Gate in Delhi NCR presents an array of ornate hearse van options for bidding a farewell to your loved one. Our fleet comprises vehicles such as TATA 407, Traveller, Tavera, Bolero, and more. Recognizing the significance of personalization, we offer a selection of decoration themes. During the arrangement process, our florist team is at your service to help you choose floral decorations aligned with your loved one’s preferences. With a diverse array of themes, you can opt for the one that authentically honors their memory.

Dead Body Transportation In Delhi

Transporting the deceased body of a loved one is a challenging task, with various options available in India, including air, road, and railway transportation. Heaven Gate Funeral Care in Jaipur comprehends the sensitivity of this situation. We boast a professional team devoted to managing dead body transportation, guaranteeing a journey marked by compassion and respect.

Body Transportation By Air : The process of transporting a deceased body can be quite extensive and involves a substantial amount of documentation, particularly in the case of air transportation. It commences with the hospital issuing a cause of death certificate. Following this, the local police issue a No Objection Certificate (NOC) to authorize transportation. Once all the essential documents are collected, the subsequent step is embalming. Throughout this process, the body undergoes preparation for transportation, is placed in a coffin with the necessary medications, and securely packaged for cargo travel. Subsequently, the coffin is conveyed to the airport for departure. Read More

Body Transportation By Ambulance – Ambulances provide a quick and efficient means of transporting a deceased body, particularly within a 500 km range. Various ambulance options are available, including Maruti Eco, Tavera, Bolero, and specialized ones like ICU on wheels, specifically designed for road transportation of bodies. Some ambulances even come equipped with inbuilt freezer boxes to preserve the deceased during transportation. This ensures a respectful and efficient journey for your loved one.

Dead body Transportation Service In India By Heaven Gate Funeral Care

Cremation Service In Delhi NCR

In the Hindu tradition, the cremation process holds significant importance as a ritual for decomposing the deceased body. During cremation, the body is placed on a pyre, and specific rituals are performed, typically led by the son of the deceased. Three common options for cremation include wood cremation, Gou-Grasth, CNG, and electric cremation. This process is both lengthy and rich in rituals, involving essential components such as a funeral kit and the presence of a pandit for the final rites. For a comprehensive and respectful Cremation service in Delhi NCR , Heaven Gate Funeral Care offers complete funeral services. Read More

Pandit Ji For Last Rites – Heaven Gate Funeral Care is dedicated to providing experienced and compassionate pandit ji services for your loved one’s last rites. Our pandit ji is available to perform rituals at the deceased person’s home and offer guidance to the family members throughout the entire cremation process. We provide a comprehensive solution for all your purohit needs in Delhi.

Cremation Ground – Heaven Gate Funeral Care takes care of booking the cremation ground for your loved one’s final rites. We have established partnerships with all the funeral homes in Delhi, allowing us to efficiently manage and oversee all the necessary arrangements. Our funeral care service includes a cremation ground booking system that filters options near your locality. Cremation grounds play a pivotal role in the funeral rituals, as many essential rites are conducted within these sacred spaces.

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Cremation Service In Delhi NCR