Funeral things after death

Four Important Thing After Funeral


05 Sep 2021 | 19:40


Death may happen to everyone and everywhere. It may be happened with a a person who is in their home, office or at foreign also. when a person dies unexpectedly like silent heartattack which is the main cause nowadays, then the body will bw sent to hospital immediately for examine the exact cause of death. Then body will send back with care depending on someone wants to do home funeral or hire funeral service home. If the death is happened outside our nation(India) then also you can appiel for a air transportation of body to India for hassle free transportation of dead body just contact heaven gate funeral care. The service provider come to the location and collect the body and send to home country with proper safety.


The body will be kept in a dead body freezer box to be cold till it's cremation or buried. This may be done at home or a funeral home. when the body is transported to funeral home it will be properly cleaned / shrouded and dresed. The corpse will aso be kept cold for a long duration of period until the dayof funeral came for buried of body. If funeral is at home then body will be kept in a room for resr and then it will be cleaned and dressed properly after that friends and relatives will came to give pay as respect to their family if they choose. Dry ice is commonly used to keep the body cold. Allowing the body to lay in state for several days is practised by several cultures and spiritual beliefs. A body can be safely maintained in the house for several days before cremation/burial if adequate care is taken. However, there are exceptions to this, which can be dealt with with the aid of an experienced funeral service.


To begin with, a death proclamation form is completed. A death certificate, on the other hand, is often written out by a medical practitioner. If the body is brought to a funeral home, a death registration form is filled out by the funeral director themselves. The form’s demographic information is provided by the deceased’s family, and the reason for death is provided by a medical expert. This paperwork, together with the funeral permission form, is sent to the county to be approved. The county then releases the official death certificate.


The documentation process is completed by the official and the body is embalmed or either refrigerated in a dead body freezer box.Family member also have choose to choose either not to embalmed if their is public viewing of the body of the loved ones. If embalming is not completed then the body will be kept in a dead body freezer box. If the family intends to have a public viewing of the body, it should be embalmed within 48 hours of death. The time in between embalmed and death is totally governed by government legislature. Also it is seen that a body is not kept embalmed for more than one week and the body will be dreseed properly for viwing at funeral home.


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