Cost Factors of Dead Body Freezer Boxes in  Delhi

In as much as people want to make funeral arrangements in case of an eventuality, loss of a  loved one is a devastating experience and such time can be overwhelming when it comes to  issues one does not consider in their day to day life like dead body freezer boxes. For instance  in Delhi, Heaven Gate funeral care the tactics of funeral care can be improved by having an  understanding of the pricing factors of these items and this can affect the purchasing decision  greatly. In this guide, you will find information regarding different factors affecting the price  of Dead body freezer boxes for you to be equipped in this stressful moments 

1. Dead body freezer box rental Delhi: 

  • Shown below in the menu card, Heaven Gate rents a dead body freezer box.  Primarily used for the purpose of retaining the physical body of the deceased  personanima. 
  • The moment that the spirit is separated from the body, it becomes vulnerable  toenvanimates and poisonous insects; this is why the ice box for dead body is important  so as to refrain from emitting a foul smell in conduct of cremation, burial or conducting  autopsies. 

2.Features and Functionality: Evaluating Value for Money 

  • Approximate rental charges for dead body freezer box on hire: Thus, Hire of dead  body freezer box attract a rental charge starting from Rs. 3, 000 to Rs. 6, 000. Distinguish  between the option of simple designs and those with sophisticated features, underlining  extra values and possible expenses. 
  • This implies that freezer boxes that can contain more within them in terms of capacity  are more costly than those of lesser capacity. 

3. Dead body preservation services in Delhi:

  • Heaven gate affirms that theduration a dead body can be preserved in a freezer may  differ according to certain parameters such as the cold temperatures in the freezer, the  initial state of the corpse at the time when it is preserved and whether any preservation  procedures were administered to the cadaver. Normally, in a properly Reefer, a  temperature below freezing or approximately 10 degrees below zero Fahrenheit, a body  can be kept for weeks, months at most were in place is in Malaysia. 
  • Offer recommendation on how to evaluate credibility of a brand while making  purchases to arrive at the value for the money when acquiring a dead body freezer box. 

4. Additional Services and Customization: Affordable dead body freezer  box in Delhi 

  • Many people have lost their relatives through death and have been overwhelmed by  stress resulting from expensive funeral charges provided by several funeral service  providers. Some of the changes are as follows: The last rites are often hard to perform  since many find it challenging to find a right priest. 
  • People type ‘best funeral service near me’ and end up at Heaven’s Gate with their  inquiries. As for the matter of FACT, Heaven’s Gate, undoubtedly has one of the finest  team for Funeral Arrangements in India at a considerate price or charge. 


When it comes to choosing the right dead body freezer boxes in Delhi,  one must consider several elements that may influence the prices, including the size  and functionality of the freezer, the brand, and other offered services. With these cost  factors, it is possible to make the right choices that respect the memory of your loved  one despite the costs. I just would like to emphasize once more that, although price is  one of the key criteria, quality and compliance with the necessary requirements should  always be the main consideration in this delicate area.