Losing a loved one is a sensitive time, and to have a funeral service that is dependable and empathetic during this dark time is paramount. During such hard moments in the lives of any individuals, it is always essential to have standard funeral services that will help the loved one to be buried without much struggle. Heaven Gate Funeral Company remains the hope and source of well-received funeral services in Delhi. You must already know that it is emotionally and physically tiring whenever a loved one dies and we want to take away as much of that burden as you are willing to give. 

Free Ambulance Service in Delhi: Standing by to Assist You

This is one of the unique services that customers will get for free when they hire the services of Heaven Gate; a free ambulance service in Delhi. Our emergency response team is on-call at all times , allowing assistance to always just be a phone call away. It includes moving a relative to a health-care facility or taking them back home, the service is swift, reliable and, best of all, this service is free.

Trusted Funeral and Cremation Services in Delhi: 

It is our duty to maintain the dignity and respect of all families in the process of preparing their loved ones for burial and ensuring that their cultural and religious beliefs are observed fully. The funeral service itself, as well as other ceremonies, are fully managed with respect and competence.

Comprehensive Support:

Some of the services we provide include funeral services, cremation services and burial services. They are also available to facilitate any paperwork and or other arrangements that may be required making the process as smooth as possible at what can be a very stressful time.

Emergency Response:

The primary functions of the free ambulance service in Delhi we offer are aimed at offering urgent help during emergencies. We have a number of well equipped ambulances and highly competent medical staff on standby 24/7.

Compassionate Care:

This is why at Heaven Gate we are normally engaged not only in making proper logistic arrangements but also providing proper emotional assistance to families. It is our counsellors’ responsibility to guide and comfort a grieving person and provide support.

Our Commitment to Excellence :

Heaven Gate Funeral Company has it as its policy to provide excellent services. Our funeral homes are fully outfitted with modern tools and equipment, and our personnel is always updated to address all aspects of funeral and cremation service in delhi deliveries with dignity.

Here we acknowledge the fact that every family is special in its own way as well as their needs. Which is why we provide individual assistance, making each send-off special and unique, in line with the life that was led. Pricing is clear and our rates are affordable which means that you will be provided with these services without any additional charges.

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Rest assured that when you are in need of services, it is Heaven Gate Funeral Company you can turn to. We are happy to provide free ambulance service in Delhi For any kind of funeral and cremation, our team is ready to assist.