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How to stay safe from covid-19


05 Sep 2021 | 19:40

Get Vaccinated

Covid vaccine from a authorized hospital can help you. 2 - You have to take your corona virus vaccine as soon as possible. 3 - After taking vaccine, you will be able to done some important daily basis work which have been stopped during covid-19.

Wear a mask

1 - If you still not vaccinated you should take care of yourself by wearing a mask in indoor and outdoor. 2 - There are several people who needs to take some medicine for their health which will reduce their health immune system. For that we need to maintain all necessary precautions as per doctor advisory. 3 - In general outside areas you should have to wear mask becouse their is a lot more infection chances of covid in more crowded places as compare to places with less crowd. 4 - If you are fully vaccinated still wants to get maximize protection then just wear the mask everytime you go outsideyour home.

Stay 6 feet away from others

1 - If you are at your home then try to avoid close contact with people who are sick. If possible dont met with the sick person until it will properly recover. 2 - If you are outside from your home then just maintain distance from other people with min. of 6 feet distance you can protect yourself from someone who is already Covid-19 infected.


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